Monday, April 8, 2013

If guessing isn't good enough, there's always Google.

The title is pretty self explanatory, and the main theme around why I picked a lot of the music I did. There are many times when I'm not able to look at my iPod while music is playing, and I do my best to track it with, but is not 100% fool-proof. So sometimes I have to resort to memory, digging through my library, and Google.

"Swift And Unforgiving" - Boys Night Out
This was the first offender. It took me two days from hearing it to finally figure out what it was. Mostly because I only was using my iPod and phone to investigate. I remembered a few lyrics, and I attempted to Google on my phone, but apparently "drown" and "tidal wave" are both pretty common in songs. At least in the form I originally searched. Then I scanned through all the artists in my iPod to see if any rang a bell... but even though there were a few I thought could fit, I couldn't place it by song title, so I took a break. The next day, I gave it one more go at Google, and somehow managed to re-arrange the words I remembered in a more searchable manner. Which is good. Because I HAD to find out. These things really exasperate me.

"Tribulations" - LCD Soundsystem
This is one I had heard multiple times, though I'm positive many of the times I heard it was NOT on my iPod. I wanted to know where I had heard it, and of course, what it was. I never found out where I heard it from first, but I did (obviously) find out who it was.

"Futuristic Casket" - Phantogram
This one, I was 83% sure it was Phantogram. I was able to check, and Bingo! High five, me!

"Help Is On Its Way" - Murray Gold
This one was on in the background, so some of the subtleties were lost to other noises. Because of that, when I first heard the crescendo-ing brass, I immediately wondered how I got a James Bond song on my iPod. But I knew better. And it didn't take me long to figure out it was Doctor Who.

"MY KZ, UR BF" - Everything Everything
Once again, Minus the Bear members turn me on to new music. I learned from the last time that I shouldn't delay as long as I had with Macklemore. This time, within a few days of Erin Tate posting about Everything Everything, I looked up one of the videos he had recommended. And immediately got it stuck in my head. Checked out more music, and bam! Hooked.

"Heavy Feet" - Local Natives
I found out through Spotify that Local Natives was coming out with a new album. (Or perhaps already had, but Spotify only had the single at the time I heard it.) There were actually four songs listed on Spotify, but this one was the only one available outside of the UK. So be it, because it's good.

"La Boulange" - Yann Tiersen
This one was merely figuring out the title. Yann's work is very distinctive, and this one kept randomly popping up throughout the month.

"Foxglove" - Murder By Death
Finally, this one was a similar situation to Phantogram, except I knew without a doubt it was Murder By Death. I just couldn't remember what album it was on. However, the intro and cello were very unmistakable  so it was hard to find just by skipping through the tracks. Goodness, how I love that cello.

Now, be honest kids... How many of you actually click the links I include?
Maybe not all of them, but I hope you investigate a few. Each one is something different (but related), and I even made sure they open up in new windows.


  1. yes, I click links. and since Minus the Bear is familiar I checked out Everything Everything. NICE

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I meant to reply sooner, but things just get away from me. Glad you liked Everything Everything! And good to know the links get used. Either way I'd keep doing it, because if nothing else, In the future I'll look back on this and check out everything all over again.