Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stress. Relax. Repeat.

"Young and Beautiful (DH Orchestral Version)" - Lana Del Rey
There's really not much to say. This song is haunting. On it's own, and as part of The Great Gatsby. Especially as part of The Great Gatsby.

"Cleanse Song" - Bright Eyes
"Don't forget what you've learned all you give is returned
And if life seems absurd what you need is some laughter
And a season to sleep and a place to get clean
Maybe Los Angeles, somewhere no one's expecting."
This isn't the only song on this list that mentions California. And this month has begun the nervousness and stress of making sure I get all my eggs in the basket.

"Green Eyes" - ColdplayThis was a little bit of an escape from reality. After having a dream (either the end of June, or early July) that resonates with me still... Well. What sticks, is the eyes of one of the boys I met in it. Surprise, they were (an extraordinary shade of) green! It didn't help that this song managed to ignore the laws of shuffle, somehow. Or stacked the deck in its favour. But honestly. If that person from my dream were to exist in real life, I would recognize those eyes in an instant. It was that vivid.

"Out Numbering" - Maritime
"If you bend spoons, move things around, around you
They will discount you, until you don't believe you."
Struck a chord. It seems so much anymore that everyone's goal is to just prove everyone else wrong. Whether or not they care about the subject, they must convince you that you're wrong. I know I've been guilty of it too, unfortunately. But I recognize the signs and try to hold my tongue.

"Don't Swallow the Cap" - The National
The intro really gets me, but more than anything I love the alternating harmony about.... 2:30 in, combined with the female vocals accompanying. I think I have a full top ten of voices I'd marry, but only a top 3 of actual people. I have voice crushes.

"Save My Soul" - Eisley
Eisley's new album Currents is phenomenal. However, this did not surprise me. It was really hard to select only one song for this month's mix, and although this wasn't the first song that got stuck in my head, it's the one that lingered the most and I found myself searching here.

"Calling All Skeletons" - Alkaline Trio
Sometimes, you just need a song to blare and sing along with.
Alkaline Trio is great for exactly this purpose, and this month, Calling All Skeletons was the repeat offender. If you know the song, you know you can't not sing along with it.

"City of Angels" - 30 Seconds to Mars
I know I'm starting off in San Diego (and would love to keep myself there,) but most likely I will end up following my passion to Los Angeles...  so this would be the (obvious) other California-themed song.
"The silver of the lake at night
The hills of Hollywood on fire
A boulevard of hope and dreams
Streets made of desire"
Call me silly, but what really caught me was just one line, towards the end:
"I am home, home, home, home..."
I hope that becomes the truth for me!