Monday, April 8, 2013

If guessing isn't good enough, there's always Google.

The title is pretty self explanatory, and the main theme around why I picked a lot of the music I did. There are many times when I'm not able to look at my iPod while music is playing, and I do my best to track it with, but is not 100% fool-proof. So sometimes I have to resort to memory, digging through my library, and Google.

"Swift And Unforgiving" - Boys Night Out
This was the first offender. It took me two days from hearing it to finally figure out what it was. Mostly because I only was using my iPod and phone to investigate. I remembered a few lyrics, and I attempted to Google on my phone, but apparently "drown" and "tidal wave" are both pretty common in songs. At least in the form I originally searched. Then I scanned through all the artists in my iPod to see if any rang a bell... but even though there were a few I thought could fit, I couldn't place it by song title, so I took a break. The next day, I gave it one more go at Google, and somehow managed to re-arrange the words I remembered in a more searchable manner. Which is good. Because I HAD to find out. These things really exasperate me.

"Tribulations" - LCD Soundsystem
This is one I had heard multiple times, though I'm positive many of the times I heard it was NOT on my iPod. I wanted to know where I had heard it, and of course, what it was. I never found out where I heard it from first, but I did (obviously) find out who it was.

"Futuristic Casket" - Phantogram
This one, I was 83% sure it was Phantogram. I was able to check, and Bingo! High five, me!

"Help Is On Its Way" - Murray Gold
This one was on in the background, so some of the subtleties were lost to other noises. Because of that, when I first heard the crescendo-ing brass, I immediately wondered how I got a James Bond song on my iPod. But I knew better. And it didn't take me long to figure out it was Doctor Who.

"MY KZ, UR BF" - Everything Everything
Once again, Minus the Bear members turn me on to new music. I learned from the last time that I shouldn't delay as long as I had with Macklemore. This time, within a few days of Erin Tate posting about Everything Everything, I looked up one of the videos he had recommended. And immediately got it stuck in my head. Checked out more music, and bam! Hooked.

"Heavy Feet" - Local Natives
I found out through Spotify that Local Natives was coming out with a new album. (Or perhaps already had, but Spotify only had the single at the time I heard it.) There were actually four songs listed on Spotify, but this one was the only one available outside of the UK. So be it, because it's good.

"La Boulange" - Yann Tiersen
This one was merely figuring out the title. Yann's work is very distinctive, and this one kept randomly popping up throughout the month.

"Foxglove" - Murder By Death
Finally, this one was a similar situation to Phantogram, except I knew without a doubt it was Murder By Death. I just couldn't remember what album it was on. However, the intro and cello were very unmistakable  so it was hard to find just by skipping through the tracks. Goodness, how I love that cello.

Now, be honest kids... How many of you actually click the links I include?
Maybe not all of them, but I hope you investigate a few. Each one is something different (but related), and I even made sure they open up in new windows.