Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Linear Liaisons

This is probably the least cohesive mix I've ever made and allowed to continue existing. And it's taking a lot of effort, because I hear it and I KNOW I could rearrange them so they fit better. But this one is a direct timeline. There was never any question about which song I heard/decided on first or third or eighth. There aren't any "oh this caught my attention let me write it down for later" stories. I know the exact moment for when each song came into play and I love it. (Despite how much it makes me fidget.) But when has life ever fit together perfectly? Imperfections are what makes it perfect, right?

"Blud (CHVRCHES Remix)" - SOAK
I found out about this song before March had actually happened, from an article I had read. But sometimes I get in moods so I save the song I know I want to check out, until my mind is a bit more clear. This was one of those times, so I had it up in my browser for probably a week or so? And ironically, when I finally got around to listening to it, it was the first of March. I'm not sure yet how I feel about SOAK individually, but I absolutely love what Chvrches did with "Blud."

"Whirlpool" - Sea Wolf
Fast forward to March 4th. I'm on my way home from job #1 to relax and eat before job #2 and what do I see? My friend Mike on my porch. Then I take a few more steps, and see a Sonic the Hedgehog suit-wearing Jake. Surprise! That really has nothing to do with this song though. The intro caught me one morning while I was working, and I know I heard it again after Jake had arrived and when I did it made me think that Sea Wolf was a band I should get around to showing him, eventually.

"Taking You There" - Broods
Here I am, driving to pick up Jake to hang out for the day. I don't know about anyone else, but when I have new people I care about in my car, I start analyzing what music should be playing when I pick them up. Do I want a solid album from a single artist that I hope they'll love, or should I keep it on shuffle? Then I start skipping backwards and forwards, because I know I get trigger happy and will skip every song because it's not good enough, so I need to find a good run. And then often, such as this time, I usually remind myself that I think way too much, just find the next song you feel like (in this case one I want to sing along to) and just let it be what it is. And I don't even remember what song it was that I found and accepted, but it ended right as I was pulling up, and it was Broods that came on when Jake and I started our adventure. I actually had just gotten their EP and wasn't super familiar with them, so I had to actually check to see what was playing when it came on. And it was a good song.

"Attractive Today" - Motion City Soundtrack
We started off our travels in a sing-along-loudly-in-the-car kind of mood, and in figuring out which bands with both knew well enough to sing to, we agreed upon Motion City Soundtrack to start us off. I personally am more of an "I Am the Movie" kind of girl, I know that album front to back, but this was one we both really got into.

"Song For Luna" - As Tall As Lions
On the way to our next destination, something reminded me of As Tall As Lions. They've been on my mind for a while to show him some songs, and for once I finally remembered. This was the first of three songs I played for him. It was hard to decide which one to put on the mix, actually. The third song I had saved for another occasion, and the second one is the one where I actually could tell he was drawn in by them. But, this one was the first, and it just worked.

"Just One" - Blind Pilot
This was later in the evening, hopping from one location to the next, and Jake wanted to find a specific Blind Pilot song but he couldn't remember what it was called.. I know we went through three of them, and when I asked him about it later, he listed off four it could've been. This was one of the four. I figured out two of the others, I'm not sure if this really was the third one or not, but it's the one I chose.

"The Journey to the West" - Joe Hisaishi
The final night before Jake left, we were all at Mike's house basically relaxing and it came about how Princess Mononoke was Jake's favourite movie, and I (and someone else) had not seen it before so it was determined we should watch it. However, it took about 6 or 7 times to actually get the movie to play past a certain scene. I remember commenting on how much I enjoyed the music, the first time I heard it. It was still good the continuing times I heard it as well, but I knew I had to pick a piece from the beginning just from the sheer absurdity of how long it took us to get the playback figured out, and how persistent we were and getting this movie to play. Especially since none of us even made it to the end before we went to bed.

"The Symphony" - Snow Patrol
I don't remember when, exactly, but I know it was after Jake had left. As per usual, I had been hanging out with Mike and was leaving from his house when this came on. I couldn't recall having heard it before, I didn't even know what album it was from. But it's nothing more than that, a new(ish) song that I enjoyed while driving a familiar route.

Honourable Mention:

"Title and Registration" - Death Cab For Cutie
Jake and I listened to a fair share of Death Cab For Cutie (and The Postal Service) during his visit, but even with his help I honestly couldn't find the perfect song for the mix. There were so many options, and even now I wonder if I should have included a different one. But I keep coming back to this one, and really, this video.

"Pilgrim" -

This is completely nerd related - not the music, but the reasoning. I had just heard about her, and found her album No Mythologies To Follow. Back when I could listen to music and play League of Legends at the same time with no problems, I started from the beginning and got in queue for a ranked game. I did better than I expected, and this album just fit in the background perfectly. Not too erratic or crazy, but not too mellow.