Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fleeting Days

"Going, Going, Gone" - Stars
This song I was first introduced to by Sierra If I remember correctly, it was the year that I graduated High School. Oi. I'm old. This song came on via shuffle a few times this month, and I just like it. Liked it the instant I heard it on the mix she made, way back when.

"Annan Water" - The Decemberists
I could be taking it completely out of context, but I love the line "You may have my precious bones on my return," and how they seem to be sung with just a little bit of contempt.

"Next Girl" - The Black Keys
For some reason I couldn't get away from this song during February. But, it's The Black Keys. So I'm not complaining.

"Wily Kataso" - Amadou & Mariam, ft Tunde & Kyp of TV On The Radio
When I first looked into the newest album, Folia, this caught my eye specifically because of TV On The Radio. And it did not disappoint.

"Kill" - Jimmy Eat World
The album Futures was released a year after I graduated High School, and for some reason this song made me nostalgic about my Junior and Senior years. And for some reason, it still does.

"Yet Again" - Grizzly Bear
This is a song I just can't shake. I don't know when I first took the time to listen thru Shields, but this song stuck out. I've listened to it multiple times throughout the last few months but when it comes time to make my mixes I always managed to forget or overlook it. But not this time!

"Madness" - Muse
I acquired Muse's recent album 2nd Law but never took the time to listen to it on its own. This song came on via shuffle, and instantly I knew it would get stuck in my head. And it did.

"Svefn-g-englar" - Sigur Rós
I love this band, I love this song. I feel there needs to be no other explanation. If you ever get an opportunity, watch Sigur Rós live.

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