Monday, May 6, 2013

Lyrical Indulgence

"Live & Direct" - Sugar Ray
This came on shuffle a few times over the past month, and it would always make me chuckle, and then I'd forget about it. I listened to this album constantly during high school, but this song in particular... Well... Supposedly the lyrics are "Whata bye bye bye" but all I can hear is "What about my butt?" And now so will you, and because of that, this song needed to be first.

"Love Is Greed" - Passion Pit
When this first came on, I realized I had heard it, possibly a few times before. I can't remember when or where, but it was extremely familiar. So this time I actually paid attention to the lyrics. I think it depends on context, but I really fell for the line "If we really love ourselves, how do you love somebody else?"

"I Couldn't Be Your Friend" - Tegan And Sara
Forgot that I had gotten Tegan and Sara's new album, and this song came on shuffle to remind me. I like the whole album, and there will probably be more on mixes in the future, but I mainly picked this one because it was the first that caught my attention and brought me back to them. I love these girls.

"Be Here Now" - As Tall As Lions
As Tall As Lions... in my opinion they're great lyricists. Again, one line caught me the most: "It's been a good life, I'll be sad to see it go." And the way it's sung. It just gives me goosebumps. Seeing this trend, I've now realized how to titled my mix. I usually write these posts after I finish the mix, but now I'm thinking I should write these before I actually publish it. Titles are always so hard.

"Walk On Air" - Minus the Bear
Well, besides the obvious reason being it's Minus the Bear, I should state that it's a new song from Minus the Bear, and it's glorious, and it's on the soundtrack of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Wait, what? Yeah. It's awesome.

"Wooly Mammoth" - Local Natives
This one was less about lyrics, and more... chord progression? for me. The underlying music. It snagged me and wouldn't let go. (Not to play down the lyrics, of course. They just weren't what first caught my attention.)

"Cough Cough" - Everything Everything
So much about this song I love. The background keyboards. The drumming. The subtle "cough cough." And of course, "I'm coming alive. I'm happening now." Yes. Just yes.

"Brennisteinn" - Sigur Rós
I'm not sure how to translate all my Squees and jaw-dropped facial expressions into a proper explanation. So I'll just leave it at that.

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