Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Acclimating and Exploring

"River's Waltz" - Murray Gold
Honestly, any song from the Doctor Who soundtracks for Series 5 and 6 could've gone here. They were a major part of my trip across country to my new home. I love them all. This one is simple, calming, with a hint of more to come. Much of what I hope my trip has and will continue to be.

"Until the Last" - The Album Leaf
Another staple during the driving. The less words, the more likely my dad would become frustrated while driving. And no one wants a frustrated dad driving. This is off the album A Chorus of Storytellers, and it fit the initial foggy drive along the California coastline beautifully.

"Riddles" - Minus the Bear
Minus the Bear was the first show I attended after my move. Granted, the show was in Pomona, but while the show in Solana Beach was underway, I was just passing thru Nebraska.

"By the Way" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scanning thru San Diego radio stations, and this was the first full song to greet me. A very fitting "Welcome to California" moment. Wasn't the last time I heard it, either. Some things about radio are the same everywhere.

"Panic Switch" - Silversun Pickups
Basically, the rest of these are all songs I've heard on the radio during my acclimation to California. Bands I love, and hearing them on the radio makes me feel like I belong. Like I fit in.

"Out of My League" - Fitz & the Tantrums
This one I hadn't heard prior to the radio, but I was familiar with the name. Annnnnd it caught me. And stuck. And stuck again. But I'm not complaining.

"Harlem" - New Politics
I have Kelly to thank for this song. She sent me the YouTube video for it ages ago and I made fun of the one kids hair. Hearing it on the radio reminded me just how much we traded songs and stories when we both had office jobs. If I were actually from New York maybe it would've even made me double-homesick. But nah. I'm cool. It's pretty spiffy here.

"Royals" - Lorde
Another friend of mine in Illinois posted this on Facebook and the very next day I heard it on the radio in Cali. The harmonies are captivating. And so young! Every day I'm more and more impressed with all the music I find around me.

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