Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Influx Au Courant

(Yes, I used thesaurus for the title, and yes the title and picture contradict themselves. But they are both accurate. This mix is almost a whole month late, but 90% of the music on here was new [to me] when I chose it.)

"Atomic Man" - Portugal. The Man
This was the first song I played, unintentionally, because my iTunes was still organizing by "Date Added" and not by Album or Artist. But it definitely caught my attention. I've been out of touch with Portugal. The Man for a while, it was nice to re-find them.

"Icarus" - Bastille
I actually listened to a suggestion from one of the emails I get from Spotify, and ya know what. Not half bad. Catchy, upbeat, and I like his voice.

"Instant Crush" - Daft Punk (feat. Julian Casablancas)
Because Daft Punk. I mean. Self explanatory, basically.

"Berlin" - Is Tropical
Ironically this is the first track on the album, but I caught it on shuffle. I need to be more well versed in actual music terms, and not things like it sounds like "summer" or "a rainy day." If you can mixed laid-back, yet up-beat, that might be what I want to say. Pain meds for wisdom teeth aren't helping my vocabulary, though.

"I Will Steal You Back" - Jimmy Eat World
New Jimmy Eat World. I am content. It's catchy... Their newer albums haven't grabbed me as much as Bleed American, or Futures (yeah, those two, I know,) but I still like it!

"Calling All Cops" - Motion City Soundtrack
Mostly the opening lyrics caught my attention and I used it when writing about my upcoming trip, whilst asking for participants. Sadly, no participants. Guess I'm not friends with any cops or autobots....

"Hooray" - Minus the Bear
This is from Minus the Bear's upcoming Acoustic album (you're welcome) that I'm a backer on. It made me so happy that they chose this song for the album, it is definitely one of my top 5, and most likely my overall favourite off of Menos El Oso.

"Main Menu" - Jesper Kyd
I never would have considered Borderlands 2, if my boyfriend at the time hadn't gushed about it from day one combined with it being free with the purchase of a vital piece for the computer I was building. I fell in love with it instantly. But the very first thing I said, at just the load screen, was "Is there a soundtrack for this? The music is really awesome."

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