Friday, January 4, 2013

Life, greater than Resolutions

I don't even know where to begin. The title alone took me, oh, say, about eight minutes?

Let's state the obvious: This is another attempt at blogging.

No, this is not a resolution. The last few months made me realize that I need a place to speak my mind, and that place isn't Facebook. However, life got in the way. And it took me into the first week of January before I could spend some time getting this set up and gathering my thoughts.

Granted, I will still speak my mind and offend on Facebook. But it's not the place for more than a few sentences. And it's not a place meant for people to actually care. I'm not sure moving my words to a different location will make more people care. But I feel like I'll be able to at least single out the folks that do care, and have meaningful exchanges because of it. (Fingers cross'd.)

The biggest catalyst for this blog? Let me explain to you in picture form:

That's 12 likes.

That's 33 likes.

This? 5 likes.

Cat pictures, a joke my dad made. I'm glad it amuses other people. And it IS Facebook, so maybe I shouldn't expect much.

But it basically broke my heart to see how little acknowledgement the charity got. I know that majority of my Facebook "friends" don't have the budget to help out charities. I have plenty of things I am saving my money for, including  2 student loans, the inevitable replacing of my current vehicle, and my moving out of this midwestern hell hole. But if I can buy myself a video game while also taking care of these goals, then why the hell couldn't I donate a package for a homeless child? So I did.

And again, I understand everyone's priorities are different.
BUT no one even acknowledged that link.
Oh, but there was 5, you say. 
Yes. But 3 were family. And what is 5 compared to 12? To 33?

So here's a resolution. Instead of complaining about how no one cares that I gave to charity, I am going to just give to more charities. Try not caring about THAT, douchecanoes.
No but really. Instead of focusing on how this entire world could be better, I'm just going to do what little I can to try and help on my own.

I still need to watch my spending, and make sure I'm saving for both planned and unplanned things in the future.
But I resolve to donate a minimum of $5 to a different charity every month.

Happy January kiddos!


  1. sorry, family again, proud, proud, proud. so glad you fell from my tree.

  2. Definitely relating over here. Everyone loves pictures of my pup, but only the same four or five people seem to pay attention when I post about issues I actually care about. I know some of it is timing - if I post something absurdly early in the morning on a weekend I know no one will even see it. So I try not to do that if it's something I want to get more attention.

  3. Sierra-
    I will totally see it. Mostly because I'm still at work at absudrly early hours in the morning. And I know part of my statement is hypocritical, because I do read the majority of links you post, but never comment or "like." Mostly because it's a topic that "liking" feels wrong, and usually I'm reading it on my phone and I don't like participating from my phone. I prefer to use it to stalk. And I know I'm not the only one who functions that way, but I know there are many others who just don't even read/pay attention. Oh well.
    At least I know the ones who do are the important ones <3

    And to you, Cathy (and I'm assuming my mom as anonymous)-
    I love you all too!